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Electrosurgery Thermofusion Plasmasurgery Cryosurgery Hydrosurgery

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Mederi Inc.

low-power radiofrequency (RF) energy to remodel the sphincter muscle at either end of the digestive tract

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comprehensive product portfolio of flexible endoscopic devices, instruments and implants that are perfectly attuned to one another

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Ear Popper

balances pressure in the middle ear by delivering a safe, constant stream of air into the nasal cavity

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The piezo shockwave’s direct focusing technology eliminates the need for additional reflectors resulting in a compact therapy source design and a precise and well defined focal zone.

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The first and only medical sensor able to measure and chart real-time, continuous pH in both liquid and aerosolized states, revealing reflux-related etiology of presenting symptoms

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The CLEARSCOPE Smartphone Adaptor uses your mobile phone’s HD camera, effectively converting it into a portable video tower that fits in the palm of your hand.

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Rymed Optics

Our high quality rigid telescopes have separated optic and fibre systems with laser welded connections. Ask about our new flexible Nasopharyngoscopes

About us

Rymed Pty Ltd is an Australian distributor of medical technologies that are well known across the globe.
We support quality medical solutions

Rymed Pty. Ltd. imports and distributes medical equipment for the Australian market. Our mission is to provide high quality products supported by our experienced sales and technical support teams. Our traditional markets include the surgical and endoscopic rooms of the hospital, where we have provided cutting-edge technologies for more than ten years. We have since endeavoured to expand our technology offering to other areas of the medical trade. Products supported by our team at Rymed include a wide range of medical technologies. supported by our team at Rymed include a wide range of medical technologies. We currently offer a complete range of electrosurgical equipment, cryosurgery equipment, water-jet dissector/aspiration systems, flexible endoscopic instruments, Stretta, Secca, ESWT systems, LPR monitoring and Optic solutions.

Our Team

Experienced personnel providing quality support

Christine Benson

Christine handles our administrative tasks as well as our Quality compliance. She is well known to be the problem solver in the office. If you have any issues and you are unsure what to do next, Christine can help you.

Adam Fernandez

Business Development
Adam works primarily on developing new opportunities and ideas set by management. Ask for Adam if you require further product information or are looking for help with your congress or educational meeting.

Ben Fernandez

Product Specialist
Ben is our resident brainiac on our Stretta and Secca devices. Talk to Ben if you would like education about these items or support in these procedures.

Andrew Lomax

Sales Manager, Victoria and Tasmania
Andrew has extensive experience in medical devices. He has a keen understanding of what works, translating physician requirements into optimal device settings and management in the procedure room.

Loanne Nguyen

Sales Associate NSW
Loanne is the new addition to our team, with previous experience in team education and customer support in pharmacies, she now helps provide our customers with the support they need on our products.

Grant Devereux

Sales Associate VIC
Grant is a new addition to our team, with previous experience as Theatre Technician, he has worked with ERBE machines extensively. He now provides support for our products throughout Victoria.

Dan Sholdas

Sales Executive WA
Dan has been working with Rymed for more than 10 years on the ground in Perth. He has a good problem solver, always thinking of how best to support his customers.

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